How to read the cells dynamically

how to read the cells dynamically if the cells are each excel file is changing everytime.
How to read and store them

please make it more clear

@anjani_priya , You can pass the Cell name by using the String Variable.
Could you explain more about what you need?

Hi @anjani_priya

You can try to lookup the value if it has some static value, then you can get the index

Could you provide some samples so that it will help to understand your issue



  1. Try identifying a pattern
  2. Else try to use find/replace to get the required cell number by searching for value and then get the related cells value


These are the two diff excel files cells.
How to read them at a time?

You can use 2 read range activities for reading 2 excel sheets
and if your cell location is static you can specify the range
or you can read entire sheet by giving range “” in read range activity

can you send me the sample code?


Without any layout or so …we cannot procide a sample…please provide few files and explain what you want to extract

The above one is the idea


Task is that, In every excel file the cell values are changing. I need to read that cell values and by using them i need to create columns.How to read the cell values if they are changing dynamically.

first 6 columns are default, by reading the values i need to create columns


You mean column postions are changing?


above I have sent 2 excel files contains the diff cell values
whatever the position of call value it should take the specific value and create column


What are the values you are looking for to be picked?

because both screenshots have different types of values and no relation that I see

It would be good,…if you can attach a sample file with different inputs and required output and explain it…else we cannot test what we give and also cannot give details about how to pick


above A1,Below A2 are same column name
above C1,below B3 are same column name

In every excel file,this are changing how to pick them and create the column name by reading the cells init.


as per the explanation A1 is Gl Code and A2 is G/L acct…what is similar in this? and what is to be extracted?

and C1 is Inventory… and B2 is 2040001…which again is different in its own


A1,a2 get the same name as GL acc which is the column name
C1,B3 are the values
B1,B2 are gl acc values
A3 is heading of C1,B3
In this way it follows


Everything looks scrambled

please create a sample excel with sheet1 and sheet2 with input and output sheet as required output


Book1.xlsx (12.4 KB)
Book2.xlsx (9.5 KB)

How to read them at a time