How to Read Text from Web and store in a variable?


I am trying to read a text from web and store it in a variable and display using message box,

i have tried following method

created a string variable (inputtext) → [Get text/Get OCR] → indicated on screen → Output (inputtext) → MessageBox (inputtext)

its not working, Please help me out.


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@ravi5237 What error you are getting

Not getting any error its just not showing what it should, i’ll tell u what i m doing

Lets say on a web page on a certain position “UiPath” is written, so i created a string variable inputtext and used Get Text on that position and stored its value in inputtext in Output and used Message Box to display the text, and its doing that

But when m changing the text from UiPath to something else, it says cant find the Ui Element

For this i made a change in selector, Get text → Properties → selector → changed aaname from Uipath to *. so it will return whatever the text will be on that position but its not doing that

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It means selectors are changing use ui explore

Selectors are used to identify the element on the application - web page in your case.
It might not be just about the aaname. Can you share your selector? and your change on the selector?

m not a programmer but curious to learn RPA, i’ll tell u what m doing, i wanna create a bot for whatsapp where someone texts “Hi”, bot will reply “Hi”, but to understand what the incoming message is i need my bot to read the text and reply accordingly,

would be great if u could help

That’s quite an adventure!
If your intention is to learn RPA, start with simpler tasks. This one is quite complex, but achievable though.

To explain it as simple as I can, the elements that you are trying to interact with keep changing very often. So it is hard to tag them to a specific selector. Alternatviely you can try Screen Scraping techniques and Data manipulations to build your solution.

These articles below might give you a hint of what to do.

If you want to start learning RPA using UiPath, here is the best place to start!
Trust me, you don’t need to be a programmer to begin! :+1:

Will try… Thanks:)

Just change to get full text instead of get text
And if still u get an error please notify


How can I get Text from UI Element and I have to store in .txt format with that text in my folder?


Try to use “Get Text” activity and “Write text file”.



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Thank you,,helped me a lot.

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and also every time iam uploading new file,the number is overriding.