How to read table in a Word document

@vvaidya able to share us sample code please? thanks

Just for share, Deeksha Vashishtha from UiPath assisted on me on this. Instead using method above (reading the word table directly), use mouse/keyboard interaction instead:
a. use the Ctrl+G shortcut, go to the table
b. click the “Layout” tab under “Table Tools”
c. click “Select” and select an option from the drop-down menu, depending on what part of the table you want to select.
d. copy to excel (do read range to data table)

For this, it will not hit the format and word not closing properly issue

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HI Vvaidya,

Thank you so much, is it possible provide the word document with data table sample, it is helpful for us as a reference .

Sarveswara Reddy . P

Hi check this

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Hi ,
Here you can read the word table …

Thank you

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