How to read specific data from a excel file which is placed in a folder and folder contains 30 excel files


Yes from that entire column which contains data like that,i need only the characters L0628(or any date which is in that place,that is it may be L0628,L0629,L0630,L0701 or anything else) into separate column.


you can access that value by writing the index arrayDate(2) this will give you L0628 rom C ID L0628 2646464235634


I need all the data in that entire column which contains data like that(it may be L0628 or L0629 or L0630 or L0725 or L0725 any thing in that place,i need only that type of data to write into another column),not only for particular row.


Hi @prankurjoshi
I like your xaml that takes the workbook and retrieves all the names using the GetSheets() function.

My question is if I for example wanted to work out how to do that on my own I would go to the UiPath documentation and do a search for Excel activities and start looking in there for solutions.

I can’t even find GetSheets in the search field in activities so how did you know about the GetSheets function, how do I go about working these things out for myself

in Excel VBA to go through the worksheets collection you would use a for each loop

for each sheet in wb.worksheets

but I don’t know about GetSheets,

Is this information in UiPath docs somewhere or do you get the info from elsewhere.



@charliefik - You are very right, I am not sure that would be there in the documentation, and in any case you know it is really hard to document each and every property but you have a valid point here.

So how I got it, I have a habit of searching things on forum first, because you can get more than what you are searching sometimes.
While searching more about Excel sheets I got to know this from Forum only



Thanks for the info @prankurjoshi the forum is a great learning tool. I was hoping that there was just a repository of all things UiPath that I just hadn’t accessed yet.


Big respect to @prankurjoshi for all the help provided (just in this series of posts alone, I’ve just started to go through the learn/academy posts hoping to pick up some knowledge, this is the first one, before I was always in rookies asking questions)

I hope to be able share my knowledge when I get good enough.


I have the input files in a folder,i have to read each excel sheet in the folder and i need the output as shown in output folder,In the L column with customer id L0712 represents date.
I need that to be write into another excel file,In some excel files,there are multiple dates,i need to read it dynamically.
Can u please help me on this.New (49.0 KB)


Hi Prankur Joshi,
Once Please check my files and cam u please give me the solution for it,
I updated the zip file once,check it.


Hi Prankur Joshi,
Please give me the sample file for my data.


Hi Prankur Joshi,
This is my workflow for above excel files.reading_excel_files_in_folder.xaml (18.6 KB)

It is showing the error as follows, can u please modify it.Screenshot%20(14)


This is my workflow, previously i uploaded the wrong one.Reading_files_in_folders.xaml (25.0 KB)


Hi Prankur Joshi,
Can u please help me for the above file.