How to read specific data from a column in excel sheet

I have an excel sheet with google drive link added in one of the column.
My task is to open the drive link, download the file and save the file into a specific folder.

I tried using readRange activity but I was unable to achieve as I am fresher in UiPath.

Could anyone help me on this ?


Hello @Vaibhav_Koppal,

readRange will output you one Data Table (Say TestDt).
(Create a variable to hold URL Value)
Assign URL= TestDt.Rows(0)(“ColumnName”).ToString
\\(This is to read only 1st row value of ur DT)

If u want to read All the URL’s from TestDt, use for loop.
for each row in TestDt
Assign URL = row("CoulmnName).ToString

Hope this helps !



@rohith.prabhu - Thank you for your reply. I tried the way which you suggested me, but I am unable to achieve

@Vaibhav_Koppal What is the difficulty or error you are facing with this method.