How to read single user using Extract table data

I have legacy internal web application. I have asked to create new user and then read the user and push to the DB. Here I am able to create the user but I am not able to read the newly created user, please refer screen-shot.

Question is how to read to single user using extract data table or is there any other option to read single newly user

You Could try extracting the entire table and then using index, get the row you require. Example if all new users always come in first row then you can get that row as dt_ExtractedEmployees(0)

Thanks for the feedback.
No my order is not that it will always first when new user created.
order if new user could be in middle of the page or at first page or last.

When you create a new user, do you save the employee id in a particular variable or value

Yes it is infact all the attributes has variable like for empid, emailid etc.

Hi @Amol_Datar1

Then you stored the last created employee id value in a variable right.
Then use extract datatable activity to extract the above data as a datatable and use for each row in datatable activity to iterate the all rows. Use If condition inside for each to check the Currentrow(“Employee Id”).equals(EmpId) then you can get the newly created user details.

Hope it helps!!

Scrape your table through Extract data table activity,
Use filter and place your Id column in it and variable where Id is save.

It will give you only match row.

This works I have used with if condition
CurrentRow1.Item(“Employee Id”).ToString.Trim.equals(empid.Substring(0,5)) = true

Thanks for the suggestions.