How to read Scanned PDF

How to read Scanned PDF. I Have Scanned PDF from which I have to extract Some data like Company Name,PO Number,Invoice Number,Table of PDF,. Google OCR Is not capturing well .
Microsoft OCR is showing “Capture Error”.
Need To extract Table properly.
Here is my Scanned PDFInvoice1.pdf (174.5 KB)

Hi Amarjeet,
Microsoft OCR is working fine.But the structure of the doc format is not proper manner.
Here i am attach sample one,
Main.xaml (5.7 KB)

For Me Microsoft OCR is not Working
and tables are mot coming properly

Hi @Amarjeet ,

I have had the same problem. Please find the below link of my post and check if that works for you. It doesn’t work in my case. If your table is in a single page/ If your data extraction is going to be a one time process, you can use this method. Hope this helps you!