How to read rows and use value automatically

Hello there
1.We have more than 50 columns in a excel file. In the past, I use “for each row” and “get row item” to output each of them. But when deal with more than 50 columns it is hard to do it one by one. Is there any way to read 50 columns in one move
2. We use flowchart to design the program. So “for each row” activity is not appropriate for my program. Any method to replace it? use “read cell”? or “read range”?

You can Read Range Activity. So the entire sheet will be read or given range can be read into a data table.

Karthik Byggari

how to output each cell in a row?
The problem is that I need output each of them in a loop

Sorry, I didn’t get your problem. What are you trying to do with the data?

I need to read row item for 50 different column. As you can see, I use for each row in the past. But 50 different rows require some time to write 50 get row items. Is there any way to read all of them by only one event and output each of them by rows