How to read row 2-3 only?

I want to read row 2-3 only,

My flow as below.

Please guide about it.


Check as below

dt1.AsEnumerable.Take(Number of rows).CopyToDataTable

Like as dt1.AsEnumerable.Take(2).CopyToDataTable to get first two rows

In assign use the above expression

Hope this may help you


So it will take


You can use read Range A2:D3 and store in data table

@Srini84 I have ask more question.

If I want delete rows 2-3 after read.

Please guide me more.


Instead of Take use Skip, Check below


Hope this may help you


@Srini84 I run file by monthly (read rows 2-3 only).
So I want delete rows 2-3 because in next month I will read data from rows 2-3.

Any suggest about this case?


So once you read the rows then delete using skip and use write range to write back to excel

may be this helps


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