How to read Result from Microsoft Vision Analyse Image


I am trying some features of the Microsoft Vision and got stuck in how to read the results from Analyse Image.

I have tried “For each” item in a list. As I believe it would come back as a list of colors, but it is wrong.
Can anybody help?

Try This
Main.xaml (7.9 KB)

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Hi Jorge,

I have the package. I just don’t know how to read the results from Analyze Image.
I have it inside the Microsoft Vision Scope. But the format of the Result, is not a list, or a vector or a string. So I just don’t know how to read it. :slight_smile:

It returns you an object of type ImageAnalysis. If you look at my example, you’ll see that I use the ImageAnalysisReturn variable to assign the value I get from the Analyze Image activity.

Within this variable I have some properties, in which some are list, for example Color Property, in it I can retrieve the list of Dominant Colors by doing:

Try to run the example I sent you, you should understand better.