How to read red font data from a data grid from a WIndows desktop - attached the screenshot

Do you want to get some text based on its font?

Yes Sir, I am looking to scrape text based on its font color ( which is red)…Request a solution if you have…Thank you

Any response / clues to the above problem ? Appreciate a quick response as this has become a blocker. Thanks much.

Can you try GetVisibleText? If you get the words info it contains font color.

Hello @vvs have you tried screen scraping with region? just specify all white area of SSN and Name column

Hello @vvs
If you want to extract data on the basis of font color then it wont be possible as UiPath does not recognize colors.
But if you want to extract data from columns or as per pattern then you can use data scraping or screen scraping or scrape relative.

Hello all…justo to confirm…UiPath is not able to get color of a string anyhow?

Hi Mario,

Though UiPath does not provide any activity to get font color (except in Excel), it can be active using custom VBA Code (Invoke code activity in workflow). It might be definitely complex process but surely achievable. You need to search various forum to get source code to find font color.