How to read record content - Servicenow - Integration Service - List All Records

I’m using the Integration Service - List All Records, to select a specific servicenow record.

The List All Records has two types of output, but both are of the type “UiPath.ServiceNow.IntegrationService.Activities.SWEntities”, how can I access the content of this variable and transform it into a string?

When I’m running in debug, I can see the content of this variable, but when I try to convert this variable using “var.ToString”, instead of having the content of the variable, it just returns “UiPath.ServiceNow.IntegrationService.Activities.SWEntities”.

It’s an entire object with many properties, you don’t just convert it to a string. What data are you trying to get out of it?

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Can you please provide a bit more detail on the workflow you are using with ServiceNow?
It would be also helpful to understand what objects (incidents, tasks, etc.) you are trying to use with your Automation.

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Thank you for your attention, after I asked the question here on the forum, I saw that it was an object, and I accessed the item I needed using a for.

Inside the for, I put an assing; curretitem.NameItem.ToString

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You don’t have to create a variable and assign the value to it. Just use CurrentItem.NameItem.ToString anywhere you need that value.

Also, you may not need .ToString - CurrentItem.NameItem may already be a string. Not sure, though, I don’t have these activities available.

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