How to Read Range with the name start with "JAN****"

Hi, as now i got a few sheet with different name in excel, for the read range how do i let the bot to read the data sheet which start with the word i wanted such as “JAN”.

You can use the output for workbook in Excel Application Scope say Wb
Then Use Wb.GetSheets will give u list of sheets
So Using for each u can iterate that list
And using if u can read that sheets only
say in For Each ListOfSheet
If item.tostring.startswith(“JAN”)
then Read range

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since i got a few diffent sheet name can i just put item.tostring.startswith(“JAN”)in the read range?

As you will get those sheets names in a list so u can iterate them in
For Each activity
so it will iterate one by one sheet

alright thank, do u familiar with copy more sheet data to excel?

Can u explain more

Now i got a few sheet to let the user to select, thn the selected sheet will copied to excel B.The next time the user select the next sheet,it will append on below

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