How to read range starting from specific cell onwards?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to read range from excel starting from a specific cell onwards. for example. i want to read the range from cell B9 onwards but i it will be dynamic based on the excel document.

I tried to read the range from "B9: " but it didnt work, is there any suggestion please since the end cell is not defined and will be changed based on the document ?


Have you tried just B9 without the colon? Or can you just use B9:B1000000 (or the max possible number) and simply remove any blank items from your datatable?

Hi @richarddenton

I have tried all the options, it just doesn’t like it. please let me know if there is anything you’ve tried works. Also regarding setting up the end cell as B10000 that is a good idea.

I am new to UIpath, would you please guide me how to remove the blanks?


@Yan: Why aren’t you going through the training materials first?

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@Yan please, have you found the answer?
Thank you !

Just use “B9” From the UiPath documentation:

  • Range - Specifies the range of cells to be read. If this value is not specified, the whole spreadsheet is read. If the value consists of only one cell, the whole spreadsheet is read starting from that cell. Only String variables and strings are supported.

@dzhou I have faced the same problem
I have try to read range from “b19” but it come to “error” and say"Read Range: A column named ‘420’ already belongs to this DataTable."

@xiepanfeng This is a different issue. Do you have two identical column headers with the name ‘420’?

I have figured it out, tks @dzhou

Can you please share how you managed to figure it out please ?
Thanks. :slight_smile:

it means you have greater than 2 columns with the same column name…

OK thank you. I’ll investigate this.