How to read range only unhidden rows in excel

I have this one excel file that I append my new entries into. After processing this new rows, I would hide it and wait for new rows to be added. Problem is, when I am trying to read range the table, it would also read the hidden rows(hidden from previous runs), Is there a way to read range only the unhidden rows? Thank you.

Hello @Raffy,

I do not know exactly how to read an excel without hidden rows, but maybe when robot processess the rows, write in a column something like “Proceeded” and then when processing new lines, filter by empty rows in column in which are “Proceeded” status.

I am sure you prefer your option, but I just wanted to suggest another option :slight_smile:

There was a question about this issue, maybe it helps you:

Was gonna do this before. Too bad my client already signed our proposed process design. But if we got really no choice, I’ll push this solution. Thanks for Replying btw.

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We can just do that by enabling UseFilter property in READ RANGE activity
That will give only the filtered - unhidden rows

Cheers @Raffy

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Thank you very much! Didn’t know about this part in Read range.

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Happy automation @Raffy

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