How to read range an excel file, without including the empty rows before reading it

Hi! I’m currently learning about excel manipulations in excel and sometimes, I tend to encounter this problem. Right now, I have an excel file which contains around 250 rows, read ranging it to “A1:B251” works fast and easy. But now, I’m trying to read it like “A:B” and it takes a very long time to read(5 mins as of now). I know how to delete the empty rows after read ranging it, I’m hoping that it would just read the table, and it would stop reading after that. Is there a work around here?


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Try to specify range as “A1”.

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Hi reading 250 rows should not be that long ,
try specify the range to empty like this range → “”
this will read everything on the sheet , and you can toggle the option of include header/not include header on properties panel

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Thanks. It Works fast right now. Do you know the reason why “A:B” does not work?

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Thanks. this works just fine too.

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