How to read PDF without using OCR

Dear All,

Please help me to read the data from PDF file without using OCR. I have a PDF in which data is written in text format. I need to read the data and post in SAP.


Hi. To extract a specific line of text you can use the “Get text activity” and select just the bit you need. If you instead want all the contents of the PDF file, you can use the “Read PDF Text” - activity.

What data do you wish to extract?

Hi Kurnimaha,

Thanks for your reply.

I want to read an invoice in which I need to read amount, invoice date and Invoice number.

But I am not getting the Read PDF Text activity in UiPath tool. Previously It was working but now its not working.




You seem to be missing UiPath.PDF.Activities Package. Install it from Manage Packages and it should be available then.

Rammohan B.

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Thanks Rammohan.

Its working now.


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