How to read outlook mail from 4 to 5 particular senders and send exception if mail not came from that senders

I am new to Uipath , Please help me to solve this .I have to read mail from 5 particular senders and save attachments according to the filename in folder. If mail not came from any of the sender , I need to send exception mail( in mail body i need to specify mail not received from these senders)

@Prathibabala Are these just names or the email of those Senders ?

Thanks for your reply.Read mail from 5 different mail id’s

@Prathibabala - use Filter property and try with below
[SenderEmailAddress] = ‘’ OR [SenderEmailAddress] = ‘’ OR
[SenderEmailAddress] = ‘’

Thank you,How to find if mail not received from these mail id’s, because I need to send exception mail.

@Prathibabala - if no mails found - your mailmessagelist variable count will be zero.

yes, If any one of sender didn’t send mail, I have received mails from others in that case my mailmessage count will not be 0. How to find particular sender didn’t send mail

@Prathibabala I would say you would have to keep a list, to keep adding the mail Id’s whoever has sent the mail. Also the list of the 5 mail id’s can be created. Then at the end after all emails have been received, you can find the difference in mail id’s which are not existing in the 5 mail Id’s list. In that way, we can get the list of Senders who have not sent the mail. I hope this is understandable :sweat_smile: , If not please notify the points you were not able to understand

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@supermanPunch Thank you , I understand the concept

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