How to Read Outlook Email Signature in HTML

I created a signature in outlook, but uipath send outlook email seems like is not using the signature while sending a new email out, is their any other solution that i can add image and wording(size and colours). Can anyone help me.

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@Aaron_Ko: One is to create an html file for it, no images. Read that html file, output in a variable, and append it to your email body. Make sure to check isBodyHtml.

The 2nd way is to fetch your own default Outlook email signature. It should be sitting somewhere inside %AppData%\Microsoft\Signature\Default English - Main.htm. Exact path may vary depending on how your microsoft folder is structured. Caveat is that images won’t work.

Please refer: How to send a signature with the 'Send Outlook Mail Message' activity?

The other solution would be read outlook signature html instead of txt file, but the images won’t work even i read from the outlook signature html file?

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