How to read multiple ratings and write comment on textarea according to rating on amazon website using uipath

you can use data scraping activity to read all the ratings spanning in multiple pages.

but, i want write comment according rating and submit that comment.??

Can you give more details on whether you want to write a comment on a product of scrape it and save it somewhere on which you can type up a report or something…

inside red mark textarea, i want to write comment and post that comment.

So each comment region will have a separate DOMXPath so you will need to configure and come up with a logic which would suit your workflow.

As this is a cognitive process (you are thinking something and then giving the comment) it should be an attended automation, or else if it is the same comment everywhere then you need to use ‘find children’ and filter the text-area attribute in a loop and set text/type into with the generic text.


What I understood was that, you need sentiment analysis integrated to your bot.


  1. Navigate to page and scrape comment
  2. Use python invoke to send this comment and understand sentiment of the comment.
  3. Based on the sentiment analysis done above use a switch case to get the auto response for a particular sentiment.
  4. Use type-into activity and reply with the above response.

PS: Integrating python sentiment analysis could be a bit tedious.

Note: I would do it this way, since I have the python background.

i didn’t understand,would u explain?

So comment region is a uielement that accepts text. You need to get that in a loop where you have a pre-specified generic comment that you want to enter.

Use a type into or set text activity, with that logic you can fill in the text. Find children activity will give you all elements under that parent node, and you can filter them with the comment element tag and then continue your actions.

Cognition/sentiment analysis is something well explained by @pkbharath in his post.

Do get back if you face issues in implementing this. It should be fairly easy if selectors not that complex.