How to read multiple mail as one whose subject is same

Hi All,

My question is if i set the bot to read mail with subject line and if subject met run the workflow, but what to do, if i have 2 duplicate mails with same subject and i want to read 1st mail and run the bot and ignore 2nd since i dont want to run my bot 2 times, i facing issue i am getting some 10 mails with same subject and my bot running 10 times from orchestrator,


After bot read the emails, extract all the timestamps of emails and run the workflow only for the first email.

Karthik Byggari

@NagaSujitha Check below workflow once.

expNew.xaml (10.3 KB)

Thanks all for you reply, i have used mail.first argument to read only first mail.
I have assigned a variable Mailitem

and given value as Mail.first, it will read only first unread mail

@NagaSujitha Can u share ur code or that particular sequence.

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