How to read multiple excel sheets

Hie all hope doing very well actually i have an excel file which have multiple sheets and i want to read that multiple sheets like excel file name is test.xlsx and have 3 sheet sheet1,sheet2,sheet3 and i want to read it one by one so how can i read them

Hi @singh_sumit ,

Use Get workbook sheets activity. It will return all the Sheet names in List of String.

You can then use for each to loop and read each sheet.

Try this. Hope it helps.



You can use use excel file activity and inside that use for each excel sheet activity to go through all sheets…

If you know the sheetnames use read rnage with each sheetname

Hope this helps


Hi @singh_sumit
Look into the thread reading multiple sheets and consolidate into one sheet

Mohini Sonule

Yes it work… actually i tried that same thing but that read range i got confused thanks for the help

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