How to read .htm email attachment type


I’m just after some advice please on the best way to read and scrape data from an email attachment with the file extension of “.htm” .

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Hi @TRX,

Try this link below:

Let me know if worked.

~Diego Turati

Thanks, it worked. I was also now wondering the best way to open up the .htm file when saved to a location. I would like to open it in Google Chrome so I can then convert it into a pdf.


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Might be using Start Process activity to open up the file in chrome?

Thanks, I think that may work - the only issue is I would like to pass the variable from the previous “Save Mail Attachment” activity in order to open the correct file.

When setting the variable in the “Save Mail Attachment” activity it defaults to a variable type of IEnumerable(string) which doesn’t seem to be compatible when I try to pass the value.

Great it worked!

Is there a way to pass a variable from the SaveMailAttachments to the Open browser activity please? Currently using the output variable of the SaveMailAttachments produces this result: system.collections.generic.list%601[system.string] as opposed to the attachment name.