How to Read, Forward and redirect delivery failed notification in Outlook

I wanted to know if there is a way by which I can read the delivery failed notification in Outlook and forward the same to another(department) mailbox so that they can take manual action on such scenarios.

Hi @shashank.saxena-konsult !
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Usually, a delivery failed notification contains a certain number of information.
Could you show us what contains the failed mail body in your case ?

Hi Hiba,

PFB the screenshot of the failed notification:

Thank you, what is the tool you use to read mails ? Outlook or something else ?
You should try to use Get Outlook (or Get IMAP if you don’t use Outlook) with as for an output a variable (let’s say mails_output), and use it on the failed notification as unread, and then use writeline activity with mails_output(0).Subject to see if you can get the content of the mail.