How to read fixed number of columns but dynamic number of rows if starting cell number is known?

I am trying to read the data from 3 columns but the excel may have few more columns before and after these columns. I know the starting column’s cell value but the row numbers are not known. Cannot use read range for an entire excel as there other tables below this one.

Which 3 columns are you looking for? What columns always exist in your table and which ones may or may not exist?

I want to read ColumnA , Column B and Column C but the difficulty is with the rows as the number records are not fixed.

Create a while loop that starts with index 6 and checks cell A6, A7, A8, etc until no data is found. You can get the contents of the cell individually until you reach a blank. Once a blank is read (e.g. at cell A10), you can use Read Range with range A6:C9, since you found out that row 10 has no data.

Yeah, I did that. I was looking for any other approach as there are many rows(around 300) but looks like this is the only option. Thanks for your reply though!