How to read excel pivot data. (database on DB)

Hi everyone
I need help in reading a database, contained in a Pivot on an excel sheet.
I explain: I have an excel File,
The first sheet contains all the links to the sheets present in the document.
Open the Sheet automation object. (sheet “monobrand”) a pivot appears, whose database is not present on the sheet, but is linked to a DB.

I have to double click on the yellow cell to access the database.
Last row, of the “Store” column, of the Pivot.
The cell is not always in the same position.

This allows me to access all the pivot lines I need.
How can I do?
Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @AaronMark,
If it’s always yellow go with image click activity.
Or you need to use get color cell activity to get the color code based on that need to click.


ajajaaj Hi arivu… thanks 4 your message…
and… ouch … no … it’s yellow because I highlighted it, for example. :slight_smile:

It is a normal Pivot table, so it has the color set by the classic table.