How to read Excel data and use it on social media

Hello everyone.

I have a list of hashtags from an excel file, that I want the bot to look up on Instagram for example, and through an input dialog, I’ll tell the bot how many likes it should provide on each hashtag before it will do the next tag on the excel file.

In my current proces I have this overall setup:

  1. input dialog - letting the bot know how many “likes” each hashtag would get, before going to the next hashtag on the list in excel.
  2. Open browser - instragram
  3. Excel applikation scope - with the attached list
  4. For each row activity.

Excel appliaktion scope works
Open browser work
The problem is, I cant seem to apply each hashtag with the diserable output for each row.

I know I have to create to activity under “for each row” but nomatter what, is doesnt work