How to read Excel cells to fill in a Word file


I have a list of data in Excel like:


and I need to add/replace these data inside a Word.

The fact is, in the Excel file there are more then 50 rows of data and I am looking for some automatic way to do this.


1.Read range for Excel ,store the O/P in Datatable
2.use For each row activity loop -to loop thro’ the datatable. Inside this for each use invoke method(Add) activity to Store the key value pairs in a dictionary variable.
3.use For each activity -to loop thro’ the dictionary keys.Inside this for each use replace text activity ,to replace the item with dictionary value.


I actually used an “Excel Application Scope” with a “Read Range” followed by a “Lookup Data Table” inside a “Try Catch”.

This is working quite well.


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