How to read European time in real time

Hi All:
Now I have a requirement, I need to read the European time in real time. Is there any activities that can read the European time in real. Thanks in advance !

Hi Harvey - If you need European time, you can create a second clock on you system with european time and use Get Text Activity.

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@pruthvisiddhartha Thanks ! but where I can find the second clock. I can’t find it in my activites.:grinning:

Hi Harvey - Not on your activity, but on your local system.
I mean this clock :
on the taskbar on your local system.

@pruthvisiddhartha Okay! So I also need to add the open “Date and Time” operation in my workflow?

Hi Harvey - Mostly you dont need to do that. Just configure your system to show European time and use Get Text Activity.

Thanks for your help ! You have helped me solve two questions today. Than you very much !:grin::rofl:

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Hi Harvey - Its happy to help and i am also learning from questions in the forum. Great and Keep Going :slight_smile:

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