How to read empty cell in excel using read cell workbook activity

Hi, can anyone help me how to read a empty cell from excel using read cell workbook activity in Uipath.

Please follow above 5 steps and your will get all excel data into variables to use… in your program.
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Hi @rkelchuri excel application scope is not working in my system that’s y I’m using workbook activities, in workbook read cell activity if any cell is empty it is throwing error

it should work for workbook also…

@rkelchuri in workbook read cell it is throwing error if cell is empty means

Try like this…

You will get all values with comma separation in all values from workbook.
once you get output then you can do string manipulations by using split function with “,”

@rkelchuri I will try this but i have to read 35 cells from excel and i need to write that in SAP i think it will be difficult but i will check this once