How to read data on below header from pdf

Hi All, good evening,

I would like to read data based on header, in search criteria if header match I want read below data. Please suggest.

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hi @Niranjan_k

Could you please elaborate your ask like what application you are using and what’s your use case ?


@Gayathri_Ramanathan what ever highlighted data on screenshot I want to extract the data. Ex. Call Paid I want to give “no data”

@Niranjan_k you can read the pdf and store it in string variable.

As you already know the header which is required from the pdf you can either do string manipulation or use regex to extract the required data.


You can use regex like this

This would return a value that is present in the next line available…similarly for any other key word

(?<=Call Center\n+)\S.*

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(str,"(?<=Call Center\n+)\S.*",RegexOptions.Multiline).Value


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@Anil_G thank you Anil I will try this one

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@Anil_G sir how to extract data from between two key words. It helps me to read full table details have in multiple pages. If not it is reading only last page details.


between two keywords you can use regex like below