How to read data in an excel sheet and group similar categories into multiple data tables then write tables to a new sheet based on the category names

Hi all, so I have results from a nessus scan I wanted to categorize using uipath, for now I am manually creating the category column but I wanted to automate the filtering of the category column, selecting the filtered data and coping it to a new excel sheet of that filtered category name. I wrote the following robot to do just that

But for some reason when it runs it duplicates the data in the new sheets. I tried to upload my xaml file but I couldn’t since I am a new member. Additionally, I have only began to learn how to use Uipath so I don’t know how to troubleshoot this.

I can read from the image that if condition is met (vRowNessus.Contains(vRowCate)) you write (WriteRange activity) the whole datatable dtNessus into excel sheet.

Is it what you want to achieve?


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That’s what I am trying to do, I don’t know if my logic is wrong but I want it to first confirm vRowNessus to vRowCate. The robot is basically supposed to go read the whole category column in the results excel sheet then create a distinct dataTable of the those categories. Once it has those categories it uses them to confirm the condition then write the corresponding data to the sheet.

Do you really want to write the WHOLE dtNessus data table when the match is found?

Anyway - I recommend you to steps through the process in debug mode to see exact flow.