How to read data from SharePoint List using UiPath

can you please guide me to read data from SharePoint 2013 list using UiPath.


Hi @hasanjpm,

Use data scraping option in Uipath

The main steps of the data scraping wizard are:
Select the first and last fields in the web page,
document or application that you want to extract data from, so that Studio can deduce the pattern of the information.
Customize column headers and choose whether or not to extract URLs.
Preview the data, edit the number of maximum results to be extracted and change the order of the columns.
Optionally click Extract Correlated Data. This enables you to go through the Extract Wizard again, to extract additional info and add it as a new column in the same table.
Indicate the Next button in the web page, application or document (if the information you want to extract spans multiple pages).
After you are finished with the wizard, a sequence is generated in Studio.

you can refer this -

I hope this helps

Thanks @srishsai

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