How to read data from Pivot Table from UiPath?

Hi Guys,

i have a scenario where multiple ids are there and amounts are associated to it.
One id can have multiple transactions . So currently a pivot is used that gathers the data from 2 sources.

i can find only 2 activities in studio

create pivot
refresh pivot…

I want to read data from pivot. Is this possible?
please guide here.

@Abhinavpandey - If you enable the studioX activities Under “Activities” tab …you can 3 more options…

i want to read data . i this possible ith any of these activites. I am using studio 2019.10.4

@Abhinavpandey - Please try “Get Table Range”. Personally i haven’t tried it…

i used Get Table Range and had isPivot property enabled and got the range. But unable to get the data . i just the range i used it in read range . getting error