How to read data from notepad and post it into an Excel?

I want to read “cat number” from notepad and post it into an excel
and serial number also instead of “0” it should be posted “10” in excel in a different column

You can use scrap relative in citrix, indicate on relative element and then select Native OCR.
After that take write cell activity and set property Input as a output of Get visible text.

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Thanks @abhay But i want to read a PDF file which may contain some cat# num’s i want to read those numbers dynamically (it may contain 1 to n)

put it in a for each activity, and use the data scraping wizard to recognize the fields you are trying to scrape. Also you said you are reading from notepad, and now you are saying you are reading from a pdf file. So I’m not sure what the best answer would be.

Exactly …

@Heathersmithx @abhay Sorry for the confusion that was I made, my only intention is asked you that, to capture the required data in the best way either PDF or notepad(after converting from pdf to text file). I am not sure which is the best way to capture the data because in PDF the data is not in alinement but after conversion from PDF to text it looks in a proper way, so I asked you in both ways

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