How to read data from excel and search on a web page?

How to read data from excel --> find value in web—> click it?

Use Read Range Activity to Read Excel file

and find value in web?

Its depend upon which type of selector of element/value you find on web

value from child page.

Find value in web means you want to search that value on screen or want to search on web

find value on child web.
But value is from excel.

You wanna find that value ?
Is that value present on that child web page???
If yes then using Text Exist You can do…

I want to map data from excel to web and click it.
Example: I want set row after MM-YYYY in excel = Start date
and row before total = end date

then send 2 value to web and robot choose for click.


You just want to take data from 1st row and second last row ryt?
Then according to that map it on Web

till total you want all the data in between?

I want start date and end end date to find value in webpage dialog and click it.

if you want specific column values use read range from excel, it will return datatable then use this code … datatable.rows.item(“the column you want”).tostring

and use them in web using for each row
i hope this helps


Now, I can read value from excel.
but i can’t bright value to find in webpage dialog and click.

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@fairymemay can you send me the screen shot of web so that i will help you out

@fairymemay i thinky you want to get specific column tems and search them in web accordingly …so try using for each row activity get item and use type into activity AND click on seach using click activity …

hi guys…
Is there any activity which can be used to search for an element and click on it

eg- reading value from excel and then search for the same in application and if it is found i need to click on it…

Use find element activity…

@charan1 Thanks dude!! working

can any one help me out with orgainizing my project… have to do multiple tasks… so is there any possibility of creating multiple folders and calling them sequentially in 1 single prjct