How to read credentials from config file and send it to type secure text

Hello !

I have created user id and password and saved it in config file.
I need to enter the password in “Type Secure Text”

Application throws error "Value of the string can not be converted into

it seems I need to convert the string into securestring. Please suggest …
For now I am trying to hard code password and pass it to secure string. PFA
Note : I don’t want to fetch credentials from Orchestrator.

@Meera_Mahajan - pls use this

using Assign activity -
PS = (new System.Net.NetworkCredential(“”,PASSWORDVARIABLE)).SecurePassword

replace PASSWORDVARIABLE with your password text/variable

I tried it and it still shows validation error … am I missing anything ?

PS – (New System.Net.NetworkCredential(“”,“abcabcabc”)).SecurePassword

pls change the variable PS type as SecureString (System.Security.SecureString)

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this worked for hard coded value … I have to try it with veritable… will update once I try that

Thank you very much !

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