How to read content of ePub file from web browser?

Before I post the question here I have tried the following options but could not get the desired results.

EPub content : Basically we are exporting the content from a PDF file to ePub file.

Now I want to compare both these contents using UiPath, so I am able to read content from PDF file using native PDF Read Text file. However when I am trying to read content from browser where my ePub file is published I am not able to get the content.

I have used data scraping method to capture the data but that not producing any results because there is no structured pattern to read the pages.
I have tried Screen Scraping method too which uses Google OCR method to get the content but it’s results are not at all accurate.

Does anybody know how to read content from web, esp. ePub content using browser. If not then what are the other ways in UiPath by which we can achieve this?

Thanks in Advance,

Laxman Mankala.

This is eBub to PDF converter. Once you convert then you can use read PDF activity by UiPath.

hope my inputs are useful.

Thanks for quick response!

I have installed PDFMate for converting epub to pdf but the conversion itself is not correct. it exported the content in distorted manner the layout is also not correct.

try for more accurate converting tools… perhaps free versions will give similar conversions…