How to read comma seperated data from word document to excel


I have a word document as input file which is shown below.

Data in Input File:




How to extract this data from word to excel?

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Hey @vinjam_likitha

Please read the word document data using Word activities

Then you can please use Generate Data Table activity to which the above string will be passed as an input & choose column delimiter as comma.

This will output the string as data table.

Hope that helps.



check this example i made

WordToExcel.docx (12.0 KB)
test.xaml (6.7 KB)



I got the below output for the test.xaml (6.7 KB)xaml.


Laskshmi and sudheer ‘L’ and S are missing

@vinjam_likitha You can do this using below steps

  • Read the text file data to string
  • Use Generate data table activity to export the data to data table based on comma seperated values
  • Write the output to excel

Please find attached workflow (2.6 KB)

Hi @vinjam_likitha ,

Do you have to Extract All the Tables Present in the Word Document?

If so, Could you try the Workflow in the below Post, If the Tables are of Complex type, there may be differences in the Output.