How to read columns that has multiple Headers

Hi Everyone,
i have excel with multiple Headers in sheet how can i get that column details.
Please Help
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we can mention the range starting from “A2” in read range and enable add headers so that the columns like activity name, BL Start will be covered
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Hi @Palaniyappan,Thanks For Ur Response…
Here I want to Get Only ‘P’,‘A’ Columns and I want to Skip which is Empty…

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Hi @krishnareddy

You can use

Assign activity new dt=dt.Select(“[ 02-jun-19]<>‘’”). copytodatatable ()


@AshwinS2 thanks for ur response
Here my Problem is to get One week P(plane) AND A(actual) data and enter Them in Another Excel Dash Board.Here in the Dash Board also we enter that data in different Cells…