How to read column in excel file and copy into another excel file




For above question, try below below file.

sample----- (2).xaml (30.0 KB)


I have the input files in a folder,i have to read each excel sheet in the folder and i need the output as shown in output folder,In the L column with customer id L0712 represents date.
I need that to be write into another excel file,In some excel files,there are multiple dates,i need to read it dynamically.
Can u please give me the sample file of this.New (49.0 KB)


Hi Manju Natha
I have done the work flow for the above excel files.reading_excel_files_in_folder.xaml (18.6 KB)
It is showing the following error.Screenshot%20(14)
Can u please help me on this by modifying my work flow related to the data as shown in the excel files.


Hi Manju Natha,
Have u seen my file, can u please help me on this.


@krishna124 i have some other work i will check your file after sometime.


Ok Manju Natha,
I need the output as shown in the output folder of excel files.


Hi Manju Natha,this is my work flow.Previously i uploaded the wrong one.Reading_files_in_folders.xaml (25.0 KB)


Hi Manju Natha,
Have u look into that.


@krishna124 no bro i am occupied with some work. After i become free i will look into urs.


OK bro,
When u r free,once look into it.


Hi bro,
Have u seen that sample file.


@krishna124 I changed few things. Check the workflow. Y u didn’t checked headers options in both read range and write range activities.

Reading_files_in_folders.xaml (25.5 KB)


It is showing the error “object reference not set to an instance of the object.”


@krishna124 need input file to check that error bro may be error occurring due null value generated somewhere also.


Ok bro,
Have u seen my input files and output excel files.


@ krishna124 I dont have any files bro.


These are the filesNew (49.0 KB)


@krishna124 i have modified file. Find the file below. Change the input folder path.

Reading_files_in_folders.xaml (26.3 KB)


Hi bro,
For this i am getting only the single date data writing into excel file(i.e; for 12th which is in sample2.xlsx) and not getting data from “sample1.xlsx”(in this data,i have 13th and 14th date data).
It is not writing into separate excel file.


@krishna124 I have made changes. Check the file below.

Reading_files_in_folders.xaml (27.5 KB)