How to read cells if the cell value dynamically changes

I have an excel file,In that 10 sheets are there.
The cell value is dynamically changing in every excel file.
How to read the cells if the cells are dynamically changes in every excel file.
how to store

  1. Use Excel Application Scope to open the Excel file.

  2. Use an Excel Read Range activity to read each sheet into a DataTable.

  3. Loop through the DataTable to find the dynamically changing cell values:

    • You can use For Each Row to iterate through rows.
    • Use If activities and conditions to identify specific cells or patterns in the data.
  4. Once you’ve located the cell values, you can extract and process them as needed.

  5. Repeat the process for all sheets in the Excel file.

  6. Close the Excel Application Scope when you’re done.


Hello @anjani_priya

  1. Use “Excel Application Scope” to open the file.
  2. Read the sheet into a DataTable.
  3. Define a unique identifier (e.g., header name) to search for.
  4. Search for the identifier in the DataTable.
  5. Iterate through matching rows and access cell values.

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Can you please send the sample code

Can you provide the sample data to test


these are 2 excel files

can you share the expected output as well also


Output is different I just want to read cells if the cells dynamically changes

Can you send the sample code?


  1. Excel Application Scope

    • Input: ExcelFilePath (Path to your Excel file)
  2. For Each (SheetName in SheetNames) // Loop through the sheet names

    • Assign

      • SheetName (Type: String) = YourSheetName // Set the sheet name dynamically
    • Read Range

      • Workbook: Excel Application Scope’s Workbook
      • SheetName: SheetName (Set dynamically)
      • Range: YourRange // Set the range to read dynamically
    • Output Data Table

      • Data Table: dtSheetData // Create a DataTable variable to store the sheet’s data
    • Add Data Row

      • ArrayRow: YourArrayRow // Use the output DataTable from the Read Range activity
    • End For Each

  3. Now you can work with the data in dtSheetData

I just want to read the cells