How to read attachment files names of all unread mails?

Hi All,

I need to extract all the attachment files names of unread mail using web scrapping.

For ex, I’ve an outlook web mail. It has 5 UnRead mails and 3 of 5 contains 4 attachments irrespectively.

I want to read / Extract all the file names (.png / .JPEG / .txt / .xlsx etc… whatever the file) of attachments of Unread mails.

I’m using UIPath Developer 8.0

Thanks in advance

I have the same problem.

Go through. Helps you :slight_smile:

Dominic Arul Collins V

Use Save attachment Activity to Download the file in the particular folder and then Find The recently saved file in the folder by using LastWriteTime Method…
It is easy to Identify the attachment file…

Try this…,

Data Type_System.Net.Mail.Attachements
Attachements.ContentType.Name.ToString or Attachements.Name