How to read and update the Excel template where the data from particular row

How to read and update the excel template where the data starts from particular row in for each

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To read the excel file from where data starts say Data starts from A6 so you can use a Excel application scope->Read Range activity and in the Range pass A6 and when you will write use write range activity and write on the same range only.


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you can use Read Range Activity of Excel application scope or Workbook activities

Range based on the start of the data you can give the starting range of the data in the Read range activity



Thank you, for prompt answer. here is the sample sheet

Empid Name Company Mobile number Bot Status
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 E

You can use a read range activity and pass the range as “A5” which is the index from where Empid is starting and when you want to write you can write on the same range.


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