How to read and replace specific text in the opened file?

Hi All, Greetings for the day!
Need help to automate below scenario.
1- Download a txt file from a website (chrome).
2- Open it from Download bar.
3- Read and Replace specific text in the opened file.

Any sort of help is highly appreciated.

Hi @Tarun_K

  1. After downloading the file
    use read text file activity to read the text file and store in string_1 variable

now for example, if u need to replace “Android” in text file with “Iphone”, do as below


Hope it helps

Nived N

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR , read text file activity requires file location. Is there any way by which I can avoid this?

Yes , either u can specify the file path from download folder or make your process such a way that it download to specific folder within your workflow itself [changing setting in chrome help to acheive this]

Nived N

Sure. This means if I need to read/write a text the I must provide the file path and there is no other way?

yes @Tarun_K

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Hi @Tarun_K

Please explore the Wait For Download Activity. It will be very useful in your scenario.

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Thanks @kumar.varun2, file is being downloaded without any issues.

Scenario it to read and replace specific text in the opened file without providing the file location.


The variable passed to the Wait for download activity holds the path information of downloaded file also. That is why I suggested you to explore it.