How to read and filter e-mail and insert or update a record in SQL Server?

Hi all,

I set up a for each loop.

I want to robot read e-mails that contain a string word like “answer”.

And then update a records in Sql Server.

May i know how can i do that? i am a very new uipath user:/

Have you changed the type argument to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage in for each loop? @mazlumkacar

Can you confirm whether you want to check the word answer in Subject of the mail or the body?

Here is my variables. And i want to check the word in the subject and also body. But i do not know how will i update the record that comes with mail in the Sql Server.

I mean click on the for each activity and in the properties pane, change the type of type. It seems you already changed it. That’s ok.

Use a if condition and give the condition as

item.subject.contains(“word”) and item.body.contains(“word”)

Then use the connect activity inside THEN condition and connect to sql server.

You need to download uipath.database.activities @mazlumkacar

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