How to read and assign blank cells


I am a complete newbie and I am stuck with this problem. I am currently reconciliating 2 excel file in which i need to read the segment of the master file and compare it to the source file. However the master file contains blank cells in which we are to assume based on the file. Please see screenshot below:

Any idea how can I do this? How do I equate the blank cell to be the previous one. If the blank cell previous segment is consumer then the blank cell will be treated as consumer. Then if it passes the corporate segment, all the blanks after the corporate segment wil be treated as corporate not consumer.

you can use read range first

then use for each row

  • inside that use can use a if condition and check if coloum 0 contains any value
  • if contain (segment coustomer = coloumn.value
  • non

create a new table by using the above idea

Hello I am trying to compare two excel files. I needed to store the value of the previous segment, however when i do that inside the for each, the value goes null. I have this condition of String.isNullOrEmpty(masterSegment) then if it is true i will equate the previous cell “Consumer” then move on to compare store number next.

My first data is Home Office, but in master file it is consumer it is not detecting segments for those blank cells.