How to read an Handwritten Text from image

what api we need to enable in google?

No, you may generate Google API,that is available for trial also. You need to provide json file in Goofle vision scope. Please check below links-

@Snehamayi_Sneha there is an Intelligent OCR available with Abbyy.

i have provided client id and client secret already do i need to again pass the .json file?
It is askin me to login to gmail account
if possible can you give me a small example

Thanks …

But how to implement in UIpath?

if you contact with Abbyy, they will provide a package… you need a trail license code.
it will contain all activities capable to read hand written text.
You just need to take hand written text as image and feed the file path to read OCR text activity provided by ABbyy. It will give out put string as a message.

you may select anyone from Input field. For json you need to select ServiceAccountKey



You may refer below post to get the json key needed for the activity.

Thanks for the response i did all the changes but still its saying Text Detection requires a billing account. I have enabled Cloud vision

Have you created json file successully?
By following the guide given in the above post, i m sure you will get your solution.

Cheers :slight_smile:

yes i did the same procedure.But when i run the xaml its asking for billing account

@Snehamayi_Sneha For abbyy you have to purchase the license to utilize its features. yes it has a option to read the text from an image by using ICR method.

@Snehamayi_Sneha For computer vision you should have Microsoft azure account to utilize it’s feature and it is valid only for 28 days.

getting this error

Ok Yes Thanks i am aware of it…As it is paid one i am trying to find other options.

Can you share your.xaml file or screenshot of properties panel, so that i could understand where the problem is?

HEy i have shared the xaml plz let me know the issue
PDF with OCR - Copy.xaml (7.8 KB)

I checked your workflow…problem is with the json file path only.
Please check it once as when i changed the keypath it is working fine. :slight_smile:

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but it should work by giving the apikey /OAuth values otherwise right?
But nothing is working its asking for billing account

not sure if you still need this. for read the handwriting you can use read Read Handwritten text activity. for this you would need api and end key which you can get for 7 days as trial and post that you need to create account in Azure for computer vision.

check this for more detail.