How to read an excel file in get transaction data in the re framework

hello guys.
I want to read an excel file ,which have many sheets in ,I want to read only a single sheet
from the excel file, so I use a read range workbook activity so that I can read that file but ,it’s showing an error (“FAULTED”) error. how can I resolve this error. can anyone help me out

Hi @kashish.chawla, can you send a screenshot of your code in studio so we can take a look?

Also worth just double checking:

  • you dont have the excel open when trying to read
  • you have named the sheet exactly correctly in your read range activity
  • the excel file is a format which is supported with workbook read range e.g. .xlsx

Many thanks,

Show us your code. Post screenshots. Also tell us the exact error message. Nobody can help unless you tell us what you’re doing and what’s happening. “It doesn’t work” isn’t helpful.