How to read an email's subject,content from gmail without #IMAP/POP3

Hi ,I am using a company gmail which is end“xxx” is the company name).
So,there is some company’s custom fields.One of them is cannot change the #IMAP/POP3 setting,so that I cannot connect IMAP/POP3 by Uipath.

Because of this,I have to login my gmail on Chrome and try to get emails’ subjects,contents.

The issue is:
When I use"Get Text" activity to get subjects and contents ,the selector what I got is like " "
The selector seems good,but the point is the Id is random and it changes all the time after I refresh the page or open the gmail again.
Plus,I have tried the UIExplorer,the css dom base of the page is not working either.

So is there any more useful ways to help me locate the emails’ subjects and contents or read the information directly?

Can ant one help me on this.

Thank you.

Have you tried wildcarding the selector for where the id changes?

Thanks for your advice,but the the id is short,random and unordered.
I am trying to find a another way to find element instead of selector.